Additional Materials on Recovery


Articles in PDF format

Affirmation of Faith, Victor Matthews

America’s Keswick Statement

Can a Christian be an “Alcoholic”?, Mark Maulding

Care and Self-Help Groups, Douglas J. Brouwer (C.T. - Leadership)

Crossroads, Intro to Ed Welch (Nouthetic)

Dimensions of Forgiveness, JBW

Freedom from Addiction, JBW

Freedom Session FAQ

A Guide to Freedom through the Cross: The Wheel and Line, by Charles R. Solomon

Overcoming Addiction (RBC)

Overcomer’s Covenant, Mike Quarles

Recovering from Recovery, Poem by Charles R. Solomon

Sample Counseling Key: Alcoholism, June Hunt (Hope for the Heart)

The Saving Life of Christ - Synopsis

Scripture Memory Outline for Four Phases Model, JBW

Treasures of Truth Course  Use with audio/video lessons:

Whatʼs Not Covered In The 12 Steps that Is Essential To Freedom, Mike Quarles


Designed to Express His Life, Orville Swindoll

Disciplined by Grace, J.F. Strombeck

Healing Life’s Hurts Through Theophostic Prayer, Ed Smith 
(caution: see evaluation series at The Christian Research Institute

The Normal Christian Life, Watchman Nee

Overcomer’s Handbook

Recovery, by Bill Freeman (Biblical theological overview)

What is Man?, by T. Austin-Sparks

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